Frankie Paulk

ExperienceHave been in the bodybuilding and fitness industry for over 10 years, as a coach, trainer, competitor, mentor, judge, and business owner.  Has worked with all levels and ages, male or female, whether it’s for athletes, bodybuilding, or power lifting.   Knowledgeable on supplementation and diet plans for all goals.
PhilosophyWith so much information in the fitness industry, my job is to help you narrow down what is really important, and what will help you reach your goals.  Mastering the basics is key, along with modafinil online out plan to achieve your goals.  Most just need that “push” in the gym, so they are not spinning their wheels. 
Expertise My area of expertise is muscle building, strength building, body fat, conditioning, and diet with phentermine.
Target GroupMy target group are individuals looking to get serious with training, and reaching their goals with maximum effort

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