Body Blast

Start your weekend off right with us. Instructors will guide you through different exercises to scorch calories, burn fat, and tone your body all while having lots of fun! This class is designed for all levels from beginners to more seasoned exercisers! 

Spin Classes

We have a variety of weekly spin classes! Seating is extremely limited, book online today!


A Spin cycle class with something for everyone! Intervals, climbs, sprints, and jumps to the hand-picked music to motivate and inspire. This class is for beginners as well as a seasoned cyclist.

A weighted arm workout is added for a total body experience.



A calorie torching spinning class with an attack on the midsection. 40 Minutes of sweat-inducing, heart pumping, fat fighting spinning followed by an abdominal tightening core conditioning segment.


A hard-core calorie burning workout focusing on intervals and endurance training. Get out of you comfort zone and melt away the unwanted pounds!


You will learn how to adjust the bikes, add resistance, start out easy as far as cardio, jumps, standing, learn the different hand positions….
we will start out with 30 min of spin and then maybe do some arms and abs depending on the group!! Great way to get your 30 minutes of cardio!!



This class will wake up your muscles, relieve tension throughout the body and make you feel oh so good. It increases strength and flexibility levels by placing the body in unusual positions for a period of time. For all fitness levels!

Power Yoga

This class supports vitality and wellness. More than fitness alone, Power Yoga “works” by balancing the nervous, circulatory and digestive systems. Mobility and proper alignment of the spine is featured to target specific organs for toning or detoxification.

There are countless benefits, both on and off the mat, for any body type or fitness level. In a typical class, you’ll be guided through breathing techniques, transitions, and postures that will strengthen the major and minor muscles, restore balance, increase flexibility, and relax the mind.

Power Yoga is challenging and will enhance your athletic prowess, as well as reduce pain and improve sleep. This class can help you achieve your fitness goals, whether they’re to be able to tie your shoes, tie your limbs into a knot, or anything in between!

Total Body Fitness

This class is a holistic exercise program designed for those who consider themselves
young- as well as the young at heart. It is designed to integrate all muscles of the core and engage all postural muscles to improve balance, functional stability, and functional mobility.

The class encompasses a warm-up, cardio intervals, upper body strengthening, lower body strengthening, standing abdominals, core strengthening, balance, stretching, and a cool down. The body works together as a whole and with a holistic approach, every part of the body is engaged from the head to the toe. This class uses resistance bands, dumbbell weights, small balls, and weighted balls.

Cardio Barre

A unique high energy total body workout that combines barre work, light weights and a burst of cardio. This workout focuses on postural strength and alignment toning hips, legs, torso, arms, and abdominals and to elongate the appearance of your body.

Burn @ the Barre

A total body workout using the ballet barre and exercise equipment (such as small balls and hand weights) to sculpt, slim and stretch your entire body. Interval cardio bursts will get your heart rate up while moving to fun, motivating music.

This is a class for men and women of all ages and fitness levels!

Boot Camp

Group workouts that consist of high-intensity intervals of resistance exercises spaced
between short sessions of cardio. This class burns an average of 1000 calories. Getting strong, torching calories, and having fun while being challenged!!